Harley Conyer

Harley Conyer

Harley Conyer – Counsellor, Coach and Facilitator

Brief Bio

Harley is a qualified and skilled counsellor, life and executive coach, mentor and facilitator, with substantial experience working with individual clients and facilitating workshops, trainings, groups and retreats.

He is a powerful change agent, with significant experience and success supporting others through major life transitions and transformations. His skills and training make use of current techniques and practices, while also drawing upon some more traditional approaches that have withstood the test of time.

Harley believes that every person has, within themselves, the power to heal or change their lives. He is intuitive and skilled at facilitating the process that enables clients to engage with their authentic and conscious selves to support their healing or change. He also draws on his own extensive life experience to offer an empathetic and compassionate therapeutic framework.

Harley’s individual and group programs are all experiential, offering a space of acceptance and non-judgment, allowing his clients’ inner wisdom to emerge.

Harley also has substantial business experience in various management roles, and has lived and worked in 5 countries, across 5 different continents.


Diploma in Ecopsychology – Earth Institute, Sydney (2008)
Certificate in Transformational Coaching Earth Institute, Sydney (2007)
Diploma in Holistic Counselling Nature Care College, Sydney (2007)
Certificate in Life Coaching Nature Care College (2005)
Certificate in Meditation Training Nature Care College (2004)
Masters of Arts (Adult Education) Macquarie University, Sydney (1994)
Advanced First Aid Certificate (2009)


Member – Australian Counselling Association
Member – Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Harley’s Story

I am a qualified and experienced life coach, counsellor and meditation facilitator. I started doing this kind of work professionaly in 1996 and I have worked with and helped a large number of clients. I have also facilitated mind-body counselling, shamanic journey, meditation, men’s and ‘rite of passage’ workshops and retreats.

I believe that every person has, within themselves, the power to heal and change their lives. I see my role as facilitating the process that enables my clients to engage with their authentic selves to support this healing and change. My private and group programs are all experiential, offering a space of acceptance, non-judgement and compassion, allowing clients’ inner wisdom to emerge.

For many years I struggled with my own deep questions about who I really was. This took me on a journey into myself with the help of some amazing counsellors and therapists. I know what it’s like to feel the darkness, the pain and confusion, the stress and the guilt, the shame and the sadness, and not even understanding why all these feelings were there or what they were really about. At times I felt totally sure about who I was and at other times I had no idea whatsoever. And the question of who I am continues to be relevant each day.

I understand the impact that this journey and the decisions we make can have on those we care about and, in fact, all of those in our lives. And I know there is no ‘one answer’ or ‘right way’. Each choice that we encounter has its benefits and its challenges. I respect that we each have to make the choices that seem right to us. And, perhaps at some point in the future, choose to make a different choice … or not.

My work with clients is not about steering them along a certain path or taking them through a set program. It is about working with each client from the place where they currently find themselves. I don’t try and tell them what is right for them, but the journey of working together is about them discovering this for themselves. Sometimes our sessions involve talking about our stuff. Other times we use body-oriented processes to get in touch at a different level. Other times we might use visualisations or role plays to tap into our deeper understandings. And more. Sometimes all of the above.

Often there is confusion in our society about manhood. What makes a real man? Am I a true man? The vast majority of men today don’t have the benefit of having male mentors, elders or well-balanced role models to support them in their journey to manhood. In many societies throughout history men were initiated into manhood through rites of passage which where facilitated by the elders in the community. In many cases we learn about manhood from ‘glamorous’ role models or from our peers. My involvement in men’s work is driven by the desire to re-instil these crucial and powerful transitions into our society. Our sense of manhood, or lack thereof, is very much a part of our journey to understand who we really are.

And, I’m a real person too … someone who lives in the world just like you. My background … I grew up in South Africa where I developed skills and experience as an activist and leadership development trainer. I then migrated to Australia in 1991, where I worked on campuses across NSW as a trainer, coach and mentor to student leaders. I also worked in the travel industry, and spent 12 years working in middle and senior management roles in marketing and strategy within the business world. I have lived and worked periods in 5 countries, across 5 continents.

I look forward to working with you and hearing your story.

Harley Conyer

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"I went to see Harley feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, with challenges in all areas of my life. Through a number of sessions, I came to feel focused, more certain and refreshed. Seeing him not only gave me fantastic support at a difficult time, but at last I feel like I am in the driver’s seat in my life and my business. Harley has a natural and intuitive approach, and seems to draw from a great depth of technique and experience in his work. I would recommend him unreservedly for this kind of work. Thanks for your amazing help and support during this time!"

Business Owner, Sydney