Are You a Gay Man and Married to a Woman?

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Are you gay and married? Or perhaps you think you might be? Perhaps you’re not gay, but you find yourself noticing other men? Or perhaps you’re married and you look at gay porn? Or perhaps you’re married and are confused about your sexuality? If you identify with any or all of the statements above you’re

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Back On Track: A Powerful Video About Sexual Abuse & Recovery

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Back on Track provides a small but powerful glimpse into the effects of, and recovery process from, child sexual abuse. One of the greatest challenges facing victims is the fear of letting anyone know … of expressing themselves. They can sometimes remain isolated for many years. The journey towards recovery is different for every person.

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Deepening your Connection and Communication with other Men

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I’ve heard a number of gay men say that they’d like a deeper connection with other gay men, and yet the man in their life doesn’t seem to be able to communicate effectively when it comes to feelings, emotions, experiences, etc. At the same time I’ve heard many gay men say that they often feel

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Being a Gay Dad

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This is a great article that I came across about being a Gay Dad by Peter Depp. Sourced from: The Huffington Post   I’m a dad. I am also gay man. Or, as society has labeled me, a “gay dad.” I find it incredibly amusing how the simple placement of one word in front of

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Are You Addicted to Grindr?

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For the past couple of years the Grindr phenomenon has taken the gay community by storm. Prior to Grindr, meeting gay, bi or curious men was done in the usual ways, such as pubs and clubs, or via some of the more popular dating web sites. However, meeting guys in those ways required one to

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Men and Anger: It’s Good to Talk

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Anger is a theme that is often discussed in relation to men’s issues. Yet anger is not something that is exclusive to men. So why is it that anger and ‘anger management’ are so often associated with men? Could it be that women generally are more comfortable and more able to express their feelings than

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Gay Men & Secrets: Do all gay men have them?

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I was chatting to a man earlier today who suggested to me that men tend to be secretive. It took me a moment to consider that statement before I responded with something along the lines of: “Sometimes we may hide things away intentionally. Other times it can be less intentional”. Yes, there are times when

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Talking About Sex & Sexuality

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Even though it’s often considered a ‘taboo’ subject, it’s important for men to explore and talk about sex and their sexuality. Our sexuality and how we express ourselves sexually is a vital part of who we are. To ignore this, or to hide it away, is simply a way to hide a part of ourselves

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Breaking the Cycle: Improving Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

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Clients often come for counselling at Gay Menstuff to discuss challenges that they are having in their relationship. These problems can vary from lack of communication, feeling like they’re not being heard, feeling an overwhelming sense of responsibility, not sure the relationship is going anywhere, or a raft of other reasons. Often an unhealthy pattern

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Do You Have a Porn Addiction?

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For some men this might be a confronting question, but for someone who knows they have a porn addiction, it is possibly one of the most confronting questions they could hear. Once we have explored more about porn addictions the reasons for this may become clearer. So, do you have an addiction to porn? Firstly,

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