Private Meditation and Stress-Reduction Program

This meditation program has been specially designed for you if you’re interested in learning meditation as a means to reducing yourlevels of stress, increasing your sense of wellbeing or developing a greater sense of fulfillment or clarity in your life. It is completely tailored to your needs.

The program consists of 8 private one-hour meditation sessions.

The first session includes a detailed discussion on your goals and needs, while also introducing some techniques for preparing to meditate, and a brief meditation.

The following sessions will introduce a variety of meditation techniques and/or guided meditations, with a view to finding one or more meditations that are appropriate for you to use on an ongoing basis. Some meditation theory will also be introduced.

At the conclusion of the 8 sessions, an further customised program can be developed to support your ongoing objectives.

Who can benefit?

Most people can benefit from meditation and no previous meditation experience is necessary, Due to the wide range of meditation techniques available, many medical conditions can be accommodated. However, those with mental illness are advised to consult with their health care practitioner prior to enrolment. Please feel free to contact Harley to discuss any concerns.

What to bring

You are advised to wear comfortable clothing.


The cost of the 8 session program is $890 (normally $960), which is payable at the time of enrolment.


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"I went to see Harley feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, with challenges in all areas of my life. Through a number of sessions, I came to feel focused, more certain and refreshed. Seeing him not only gave me fantastic support at a difficult time, but at last I feel like I am in the driver’s seat in my life and my business. Harley has a natural and intuitive approach, and seems to draw from a great depth of technique and experience in his work. I would recommend him unreservedly for this kind of work. Thanks for your amazing help and support during this time!"

Business Owner, Sydney